February 3, 2023

Saxophonist Extraordinaire, Mel Holder is back with his 4th rendition, of the Music Book series, “Music Book Volume 4.” This amazing project features several artists’  collaborations including the outstanding voices of Michelle Brooks Thompson, Keyla 
Richardson, Kelly Price, Time Shadow, and Brook Alford. This outstanding project has a unique fusion of Jazz and Gospel appealing to radio and streaming-friendly musical influences. 
Having traveled the world from Japan, China, Germany, England, France, South Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Guyana, Panama, Aruba, Italy, and Israel, Mel has incorporated the rhythms and 
sounds from these territories into his music. 
In Mel’s own words, “I don’t look at it simply as Jazz and Gospel meeting, because I am a source of music. I am a source of God giving me a song, giving me music and I put it out, It’s the 
World that wants to define it and put it in a genre. I just put it out as God gives it to me.”  The first single, “Breathe Life In Me” featuring Keyla Richardson releases on all streaming 
platforms on February 3, 2023.




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He has also earned accolades for his session work, including picking up a Grammy nomination for his contribution to Sister Carrol's 1996 album” - All Music

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Holder has released several spiritually inclined albums including Now & Forever (1999), Gift So Special (2005), and the Stellar Award-nominated Music Book, Vol. 1 (2008). In 2015, Holder's follow-up, Back to Basics: Music Book, Vol. II, charted in the Top 20 of both the Billboard gospel and jazz albums charts.” - Jazz Music Archives

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